ON3 Metro Parking Garage, Nutley, NJ

Structure Type

Stand-alone, mixed use garage


Prism Capital Partners
Prism Construction Management


Project Architect: Aztec Architects
Project Engineer: Harrison-Hamnett, P.C.
Precast Engineer: Innovative Engineering Services


Part of the ON3 world-class campus being developed on the former Hoffman-La Roche pharmaceutical site, the 100-200 Metro Boulevard parking garage is a very large 7-level structure. Erection of the structure began in May 2019. With its 127,200 SF footprint, it provides 2,566 parking spaces that support two Class A Office Towers.

The structure was a design-build effort to accommodate the parking needs as well as fit within the triangular project site, requiring a distinctive combination of sawtooth steps to respect the western edge of the lot, which is adjacent to a freight rail line. Two stair and elevator towers support the adjacent office buildings, and two additional stair towers provide additional means of egress. Within the structure is an 8,000 square-foot storage area that required specialty waterproofing on the first elevated level along with three hours of fire protection.

Custom exterior spandrels include a basketweave form liner finish to give this structure a unique, one-of-a-kind appearance. This attractive pattern on the exterior provides aesthetic value to the surrounding campus and helps to counterbalance the large scale of this enormous garage.