Mixed Use Parking Garage Opens in Portsmouth, NH

Nov 14, 2018 | Mixed Use Parking Garage, Municipal Parking Garage, New Hampshire, News, Parking Structures

The long awaited Deer Street parking garage, aptly named The Foundry, opened on a chilly Halloween morning. Beautiful downtown Portsmouth has been lacking parking for years and development in the area was inhibited by too few available spots. The City, working with a local builder, partnered to make the garage an “enabling” project, allowing further development in the nearby, sought-after area of the city. With four colors of concrete, the garage is one of the nicest looking structures Dailey Precast has built. Walker Parking designed the garage to reflect the history of the area. Gears were cast into the concrete stair tower, and additional ornamental gears added onto the long southeast elevation. This structure will be a welcome addition to the neighborhood, both aesthetically and functionally.