Details Define Corporate Parking in Watertown, MA

Jul 27, 2018 | Corporate Parking Garage, Massachusetts, News, Parking Structures, Stand Alone Parking Garage

Busy Watertown, MA, is home to the constantly growing athenahealth headquarters, and Dailey Precast jumped in with CE Floyd to provide design-build capabilities. No one ever builds a parking garage where one is not desperately needed, and this tight campus along Arsenal Street was no exception! This 1500 car structure has plenty of architectural details; its distinct form liner finish on the exterior spandrels has proven to be quite an eye-catcher. Additional elements are planters on the upper levels, colored screening along Arsenal Street, along with a very unique glass stair tower.

This project has won an ABC of Massachusetts Excellence in Construction Award, and Dailey Precast was proud to be on the team that made it happen.