Dailey Precast’s “Can Do” Attitude Tackles Winter Project

Feb 25, 2022 | New York, News

In early January, 2022, the Dailey Precast team applied its wide-ranging experience to the skillful erection of a roof structure for the new Albany County Sherriff’s Office 911 Call Center building in Clarksville, New York. While the project lasted only two days, it involved maneuvering 14 double-tees into a tight job site and completing the erection during dicey winter weather, leaving no room in the schedule for any errors.

On this small but important project, the experienced Dailey Precast team stepped up to the plate and completed the necessary steps to bring about success. This job had some unique challenges associated with trucking the pieces to the crane: the turn onto the street which abuts the job site was extremely tight and the double-tees on this job were each 64 feet long.

To ensure this project ran smoothly, a team of logistics and shipping experts from Dailey and a subcontractor visited the site well in advance to review the traffic flow and requirements to move the precast components into place. With the scope of work clearly understood, this group asked Dailey’s parent company, Peckham Industries, for some assistance with surrounding area road closures and the provision of additional vehicles.

On the morning of mobilization, Mother Nature did not feel sympathetic to Dailey’s cause, blessing the team with frigid temperatures and layers of ice over the entire job site. Luckily, the team had planned for that situation in advance and had already added chains to the vehicles.

As the job proceeded, Dailey Precast’s design and engineering team jumped in to advise on some alignment issues in placing the double tees. Numerous individuals at Dailey helped the job proceed smoothly with their cooperation and willingness to go above and beyond their normal responsibilities to get the job done.

This case study of a small project with just 14 precast components serves to illustrate just how many people, working together as a supportive team, made this so-called “small and easy” job a success. These are the skills and characteristics that Dailey Precast and its team of capable subcontractors bring to each project, every day, no matter the size.