Quality Control

Committed to exceeding expectations

A plant visit provides the best method of converting your specification language into visual acceptance criteria.

During the visit, you will review and approve mockups, or initial production units. Working with the Dailey team, you will determine the acceptable range of color, texture and uniformity.

With a clear understanding of your expectation, our quality assurance group can ensure your satisfaction.

Dailey Precast is certified by the Precast Concrete Institute (PCI). PCI is the most widely recognized and specified quality assurance program in the industry. The PCI certification process includes our plant, all personnel and field related performance. This certification reinforces the fact that you are working with the best in the business.

To learn more about this process visit pci.org.

Or, contact our Quality Control Manager at qualitycontrol@daileyprecast.com.

Experience Case Study

Dailey Precast designed a mold which seamlessly integrated with the contemporary facade of the garage. The precast solution conveyed architectural intent, provided structural stability and exceeded the client’s expectations.

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Innovation Case Study

Two I-84 Bridges over Dingle Ridge Road. Each bridge has 26 precast pieces. 6 36D NEXT Beams, 2 End Diaphragms, 6 Sleeper Slabs and 12 Approach Slabs. Significant time and money were saved.

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Quality Control Case Study

Surface treatments include multiple exterior finishes completed during the fabrication process. Additional features include decorative reveal patterns, split block pattern, and popcorn texture. During Phase 2, cultured stone and masonry paint were added.

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