Quality Control Case Study

Rapid Construction of Energy-Wise Grocery Store in Shrewsbury, MA

Key Issues

The project faced certain challenges including:

  • A very tight site footprint
  • Wetlands management concerns
  • Noise curfew restrictions

Logistics Criteria

Dailey Precast used modular panel design in conjunction with standard roof joint locations to minimize erection time. The typical panel was 10′ wide by 27′-10 1/2″ tall, with the tallest being 34′-4 1/2″. The panel cross section was 4″-2″-4″ plus 1/2″ +/- of architectural features. Two wall panels that were erected later to allow for temporary construction access.

Design Logistics

Surface treatments include multiple exterior finishes completed during the fabrication process. Additional design features include decorative reveal patterns, a split block pattern, and popcorn texture. During Phase 2, the exterior will be enhanced with cultured stone and masonry paint.


The Golub Corporation required a precast solution for the new construction of a 64,000 square foot one story Price Chopper store in Shrewsbury, MA.

The Dailey Precast design team developed their solution for the owner, Golub Corporation, recognizing that insulated precast panels offered many advantages:

  • Savings on energy costs
  • Simplified and shortened construction time
  • A variety of attractive finishes
  • Low maintenance schedule
  • Less security required for installation


Dailey Precast installed 158 precast components in only ten days. One of the advantages of precast construction is that it is ideal for use in budget and time sensitive projects that have short time frames.